Server Security Hardening

You need to harden your server.
Think again!! You still need to harden your server.

SecureLayer7 believes server hardening is the most important task to be performed on a server, considering the risk it carries along and therefore, we consider this as our responsibility to remove these vulnerabilities and provide you with a secure and risk-free server.

Our security team will examine your server for any flaws and security holes and give it proper security treatment as per requirement. We will also take additional measures to help tighten the security of your server. We ensure that your server is locked down and ready to run, securely, from day one.







Server Security Hardening Plan Comparison

# CHECKLISTS Standard Professional Enterprise
Quick Security Scan
Chkrootkit Scan
ClamAV Anti-Virus Scan
CSF IPtables Firewall Review
Host.conf and sysctl.conf Review
Securing /tmp, /var/tmp
PHP Security Configuration Review
Fixing Misconfiguration
Memory log Protection
Removal of logs, softwares
Securing Apache
Rootkit Hunter Scan
Sysctl Hardening
MultiTail - Log Monitor
MySQL optimization
/shm & /proc hardening
Brute Force Detection
Web Server & PHP Hardening
Vulnerability Scans
Exploit Scan Service
Mod_Evasive - DDOS protection
Linux Server Hardening Services