Surgical Penetration Testing

SecureLayer7's comprehensive penetration testing services cover vulnerabilities across applications of every shape and form

Web App Pentesting

Assess web app vulnerabilities, exploit them, and implement necessary security measures to ensure robust protection and mitigate risks.

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Application Penetration Testing

mobile App Pentesting

Mobile application penetration testing involves conducting security assessments, implementing secure coding practices, and promptly applying patches to secure iOS or Android apps. Encryption and secure communication protocols are essential for protection. Applications

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Mobile App Penetration Testing

Thick Client Pentesting

Conduct security assessments, exploit vulnerabilities, and implement necessary measures to ensure robust protection of thick client applications and mitigate potential risks.

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Thick Client Pen Testing

On-Demand Pentesting

Perform targeted security assessments, exploit vulnerabilities, and implement necessary measures for on-demand applications to enhance their security posture and minimize potential risks.

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On Demand Pen Testing

SecureLayer7's Comprehensive Application Penetration Testing Advantage

Find Every Vulnerability

SecureLayer7’s pentesting process goes beyond checklists and scanners, ensuring every undetected vulnerability is found and exposed.

Get Deep Insights

Get 360 degree visibility into the progress and results of your pentest with Bugdazz - our in-house pentesting platform.

Ensure Compliance

Root out every possible security threat in your application - SecureLayer7’s pentest process ensures you adhere to the latest compliance standards.

Fortify Your Application

Empower Your Application's Security. Experience measurable outcomes that elevate your application's security posture with our proven process.

Proven methodology

Get comprehensive insights from a tried and tested hybrid testing process

Ensure Data Security

Detect data leaks emerging from local storage issues

Strengthen Backend Tech

Ensure backend services and servers are robust and free from security flaws

Ensure App Resilience

Make your application resilient to reverse engineering

Fix Business Logic

Custom checklist created as per the business logic of the application

Identify Weak Algorithms

Identify weak algorithms and mitigate them to build a robust mobile application

Recognized World Over

Cert-In Certified Cybersecurity Company – SecureLayer7
Crest Certified Cybersecurity Company SecureLayer7
Cybercrime Magazine Recognized Cybersecurity Company – SecureLayer7
Gartner peer insight reviewed cybersecurity company – SecureLayer7
 GigaOm media recognition for SecureLayer7
SC Awards recognition for SecureLayer7
Markets and Markets recognition for SecureLayer7
IDC recognition for SecureLayer7
Forrester recognition for SecureLayer7
McKinsey and Company recognition for SecureLayer7
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Sample Report

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Comprehensive Coverage With Every App Pentest


API Security Assessment

Thoroughly assess the security of your application's APIs through a comprehensive app pentest. Evaluate authentication, authorization, encryption, and data handling to fortify your app against API-related vulnerabilities and potential breaches.


Secure Data Storage

Evaluate data storage practices, encryption protocols, and transmission methods to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and integrity within your application.


Auth & Authorization Assessment

Ensure secure access control with thorough evaluation of authentication and authorization mechanisms, preventing unauthorized access through password policies, session management, and role-based controls.


Security Config Review

Comprehensive assessment of security configurations, including server settings, file permissions, encryption protocols, and more, to identify vulnerabilities and optimize protection against potential attacks.

A tried, tested & Recognized Application Penetration Testing process

Application Penetration Testing Process

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