Put your infrastructure to the ultimate Red Team Assessment

Discover vulnerabilities

Find and expose previously undetected vulnerabilities

Get a hacker's POV

Get a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities hackers look for

Test your defenses

Find every weak link in your infrastructure's setup

Measure the response rate

See how quickly your team responds to a threat in progress

Get detailed insights

Get a comprehensive breakdown of every vulnerability and understand what needs to be redressed on an immediate basis

The SecureLayer7 Advantage

Find Every Vulnerability

SecureLayer7’s pentesting process goes beyond checklists and scanners, ensuring every undetected vulnerability is found and exposed.

Get Deep Insights

Get 360 degree visibility into the progress and results of your pentest with Bugdazz - our in-house pentesting platform.

Ensure Compliance

Root out every possible security threat in your application - SecureLayer7’s pentest process ensures you adhere to the latest compliance standards.

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Sample Report

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Red Team Assessment process

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