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What Is A VoIP PenTest?

Organizations rely on VoIP Communications services for their everyday communication needs. However, if these services are vulnerable to known or unknown exploits, they can be targeted by cybercriminals. At SecureLayer7, we perform comprehensive VoIP assessments using tailored test cases that match your infrastructure, providing organizations with security assurance.

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Why Should You Conduct A VOIP PenTest?

Cybercriminals often target the publicly available critical infrastructure of organizations, such as VoIP telephone systems. They exploit vulnerabilities to carry out man-in-the-middle attacks, intercepting inbound and outbound connections. By doing so, attackers can eavesdrop on incoming and outgoing calls, gaining unauthorized access to the internal VoIP network. This highlights the importance of addressing weak passwords and vulnerabilities in network devices.

At SecureLayer7, we conduct VoIP network penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities. After determining the scope of work, we prepare a detailed report that includes comprehensive vulnerability details along with recommendations to mitigate them.

Voip security

VOIP Pentest Vulnerability Checklist

Information gathering and footprinting for VoIP

VLAN hopping vulnerability in the VoIP Network

Eavesdropping on traffic and capturing traffic

Spoofing Caller ID vulnerability in the VoIP Network

Authentication and authorization vulnerabilities

Identification of Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerabilities

Registering SIP Service with/without Credentials

Brute Force Attack and vulnerability for SIP Service

Call Initiation with/without Spoof & Credentials

Toll Fraud Exploit and vulnerability in the VoIP network

VOIP Penetration Testing Methodology?

 Voip Penetration testing methodology Application Scoping, Mapping & Service Identification, Reconnaissance & Enumeration, Application Scanning, Vulnerability Identification, Post Exploitation, Strategic Mitigation, Patch Verification

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