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Why Review Your Firewall Configuration?

Firewalls are considered the primary line of defense for an organization's network infrastructure. However, being at the boundary, they tend to become the primary targets for any malicious attacks.This line of defense has its own set of weaknesses that, if not addressed, could cause havoc in the network environment and compromise everyday business functioning. Here are just a few of the many examples of weaknesses in firewalls that tend to get exploited

The most common weakness we will ever see in a firewall. The Firewall Ruleset, if not configured in compliance to the industry-set standards, could pave a clearcut route for an unauthorized user to enter into the system.

Misconfigured Firewall Ruleset

The most common weakness we will ever see in a firewall. The Firewall Ruleset, if not configured in compliance to the industry-set standards, could pave a clearcut route for an unauthorized user to enter into the system.

Firewall Deployment

Issues with firewall deployment are commonplace. This could be because the firewall was not deployed properly to begin with, or if done well, was deployed at the wrong location. It's also possible that the number of firewalls deployed is insufficient to provide the optimum level of protection. Such deployment errors could render the network vulnerable.

Services Included

If you're utilizing a range of services within your system, certain ones might be susceptible to known vulnerabilities. These services would then bring the vulnerabilities to the firewall configuration, thus infecting the system and affecting the complete network. The protocols and packets exchanged with these services could also become a strong weakness for the system.

Software Upgradation

While keeping an eye on firewall configuration and deployment, one might miss out on the necessity of updating software that is present on the perimeter. This ignorance would mean welcoming hackers to compromise the firewall and network.

Why Pick SecureLayer7 For Firewall Configuration Review?

At SecureLayer7, we've built a firewall configuration review process that takes an insiders view of the system with full access to the system’s configuration. The aim here is to provide an optimal, comprehensive review report, enabling you to attain maximum security at the perimeter. Our team takes a deep dive into your network and analyzes the firewall’s entire configuration as per industry best practices, including guidelines from PCI-DSS and The Center for Internet Security, ensuring compliance standards are met.

We believe in holistic security and hence give equal importance to the technical, business, and device aspects of the firewall line of defense. At the end of the review process, we build a comprehensive report that details every minute loophole in the firewall environment, along with steps to remedy the findings and a detailed configuration review of the firewall ruleset covering line-by-line assessment results.

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Firewall Configuration Review Strategy

The SecureLayer7 Firewall Configuration Review service follows a very strong methodology that performs a deep analysis of the firewall configuration. The review process takes into account the following:

A complete review of all the hardware devices associated.

Verify if the rules provide the least possible privileges.

Review of accounts set up on the firewall and the operating system.

Review the vendor's licensing

Check for possible hardware or software malfunction in the firewall and OS logs.

Review the firewall for the enabled services.

Review the comments for all the rules in the ruleset for proper justification.

Review overall firewall configuration and rule sets deployed on the firewall.

Check for vulnerabilities in the encryption and hashing process.

Recommendations related to improvements in the security provided by the firewall and in the overall device configuration

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