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How to map the gaps and validate the readiness level of your organization against the ransomware attacks?

With technology playing the most crucial role in business operations today, Ransomware attacks have become one of the biggest threats faced by organizations today. Even biggest tech giants of the world have faced disrupted operations and payed a huge price after ransomware attacks.

SecureLayer7 ransomware team includes antimalware analysts, security risk advisors, and seasoned security architects with many years of consulting experience. SecureLayer7 security experts follow a multifaceted approach which is used to prevent or remediate ransomware attacks. This multifaceted approach to increase the organization’s preparedness against ransomware attacks is undertaken by examining organizations IT infrastructure in terms of NIST framework- Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, And Recover.


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We have passion for securing Digital Businesses of our customers to make sure they are secure from critical vulnerabilities.

After using SL7 in a previous company, we contracted with them for Vulnerability Assessment for all of our various product lines, from consumer to enterprise. The results have been awesome

- Chief Security Architect in the Services Industry

It offers incomparable accuracy since it is reinforced by unproved scanning and advanced network host correlation technology. The organizations are confident that their remediation exertions are closely focused.

- Cyber Security Consultant in the Services Industry

SecureLayer7's team went deep down into the rabbit hole to understand the product and find an issue with a business logic rule that took engineering several weeks to analyze within the code.

- Security Officer in the Healthcare Industry

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  • Identification: Identify the management’s awareness in the company of the risks of ransomware mapping the significant reaction methodology for ransomware and general digital assaults or cyber attacks in the company, feature the vulnerabilities and suggest upgrades for these techniques
  • Web Protection: Secure internet browsing by checking on and modifying the company's web browsing strategy to diminish the danger of any malefic executable being downloaded
  • Mail Protection: Make sure to have a fitting solution for incoming emails by inspecting and modifying the company's anti-spam and malicious functioning strategy. In addition to other things, the recognition of corrupt records, regardless of whether they are not recognized as vindictive, is dependent on the signatures of anti-virus.
  • User Permissions: Guarantee that the client workstations are solidified. This incorporates making sure that malware can't be implemented in error and analyzing any endpoint security arrangements.
  • Limit User's Domain Permissions: This incorporates surveying the workers and workstations in the regarding domain so as to guarantee that the users don't have authorizations to execute code distantly. Moreover, this audit is inclusive of limiting the writable organizers for the domain, to decrease the threat of the malware spreading itself through system shares
  • Servers and Endpoint Configuration and Patching: Making sure that workers and workstations are up to date with the most recent security patches in an opportune way so as to lessen the threats of ransomware misusing known security gaps.
  • Testing Endpoint Protection: Testing the setup and update strategy of the antivirus and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) so as to distinguish or even avoid the ransomware from executing continuously.
  • Incident Response Team (IRT): SecureLayer7's IRT is consistently accessible for future support in case of a security occurrence brought about by ransomware (or some other malware). SecureLayer7 investigates the ransomware so as to evaluate the "family" which it originates from and whether there is a known technique for decrypting the records without paying the payment. SecureLayer7 has an enrolled bitcoin wallet to pay the payment if necessary, if all else fails, following our evaluation of the probability of the records being decrypted even after making the payment.
  • User Awareness Training: Perform phishing practices with situations, for example, counterfeit websites, malevolent links, pernicious documents and so on., including an itemized report indicating insights of the statistics to which the client was vulnerable, for example clicking on email links from unknown sources, downloaded files, documents embedded with malwares, etc.
  • Backups: Make sure that the documents are continually supported so as to limit any harm in case of a ransomware assault and that customary restoration tests are performed. So as to relieve the threats of ransomware and other present day cybersecurity threats, you should test your preparedness over the full chain of occasions and actions that can happen in such an occasion, so as to keep the danger from happening to constrain the harm on the off chance that it happens.

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Securelayer7 regularly uncovers Zero Day vulnerabilities within a wide range of applications amidst research. We cooperatively work alongside vendors to catch up with the issues and disclose the needed prudently.

Take a look at SecureLayer7's Security Vulnerability publications and know more about the vulnerability disclosures, advisories, and reports. It details the security gaps identified in the web application, thick client software and also firmware’s of large enterprises. The documentation also contains the mitigation fixes for the vulnerabilities, their description, moreover the proof of concepts and security exposure information from SecureLayer7.

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SecureLayer7 deliverables

Securelayer7 website security solutions focus on the overall structure of your information and data management system. Client reports follow the same phillosophy and approch to prioritize useful deliverables in all client reports, including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Scope of the Work
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Summary of Key Findings/ Identification of Vulnerability
  • Graphical Representation of Vulnerabilities
  • Summary of Recommendations
  • Application Detailed Findings
  • General Comments and Security Advice Conclusion
  • Conclusion

Securelayer7 security solutions focus on the overall structure of your information and data management system. Client reports follow the same philosophy and approach to prioritize useful deliverable in all client reports, including:

Advantages with SecureLayer7

Benefits of Ransomware readiness assessment performed by SecureLayer7 include:
Deep Insights
Identifying every details to abuse, security gaps , and attack surfaces which can lead to a renasomeware attack . Insights on every aspect of digital infrastructure can be used to find critical gaps.
Identifying the vulnerability in your digital infrastructure. Prioritize high risk vulnerability and provide strategically plan to fix the vulnerability.
Get Compliant
After performing patch verification, show customers, stakeholders your commitment towards security, and protecting important assets.

Meet Our Security Experts

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Sr. Security Consultant
Mr. Shubham Ingle
Sr. Security Consultant
Mr. Shantanu Ghumade
Security Consultant
Mr. Pratyaksh Singh
Associate Security Consultant

About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is accredited with CERT-in and ISO 27001 certifications. CERT-in enables us to certify and perform security audits for Government agencies and BFSI customers. SecureLayer7 provides testing and reporting to support application security compliance against PCI, HIPAA, SOC type 1 and type 2, and other regulatory requirements. Customized scanning reporting templates that support internal standards and other regulatory requirements are covered by SecureLayer7.