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Need for AWS Penetration Testing

Why Conduct
AWS Penetration Test?

To ensure the security, compliance of your AWS environment and protect against potential threats, it is essential to conduct regular penetration tests. By identifying vulnerabilities, mitigating risks, enhancing your security posture, and meeting customer requirements, a pentest can help you proactively identify and address any weaknesses in your AWS environment.

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Our AWS Penetration Testing Services

Testing Applications Hosted On Cloud

Consider your web application hosted on a VPS or dedicated server and later moved to the cloud platform, where only your developed web application is considered in the scope

Testing Internal Applications Hosted On Cloud

This type of cloud assessment is performed in cases where the cloud system cannot be accessed externally. It is a private system with a firewall in place to prevent direct access and can only be accessed through a bastion host.

Testing The Cloud Console

Testing the cloud console for any misconfigurations, such as the created user accounts and their permissions, the implemented ACL, etc. This is more of a configuration review to verify that standards and policies have been implemented while creating accounts. We can identify different techniques to perform privilege escalation

Our AWS Cloud Penetration Checklist

Lack of Centralized Policy Enforcement

Golden SAML Attack

Sensitive Information Disclosure via Metadata SSRF

Misconfigured Shadow Admin Permissions

Unauthorized Access to AWS Console via API key

Instant Connect- Pushing SSH key to EC2 Instance

Weak IAM Configuration

Extraction of Function code in Lambda Service

SSM Command Execution

Shadow Copy Attack.

AWS Penetration Testing Process

AWS Penetration Testing Checklist, AWS scoping, vulnerability identification, mapping & services identification, post exploitation, reconnaissance & enumeration, vulnerability analysis, strategic mitigation, patch verification 
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Download sample application penetration testing report

Sample Report

Download sample report

Fortify AWS Infrastructure

Proven methodology

Our team of experts utilizes industry-standard testing methodologies, tools, and frameworks to identify and mitigate security threats and risks

Comprehensive Coverage

SecureLayer7's AWS security assessment covers a wide range of security vulnerabilities and weaknesses, including EC2 instance and application exploitation, testing S3 bucket configuration and permissions flaws, and more.

Customized Approach

We tailor our assessment approach to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that we address the unique security challenges of your AWS environment

Actionable Recommendations

Our team provides detailed reports and actionable recommendations that prioritize identified security issues and suggest remediation measures, including targeting and compromising AWS IAM keys, and establishing private-cloud access through Lambda backdoor functions

Compliance Check

We ensure that your AWS environment is compliant with industry-standard regulations and guidelines such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS, while also covering tracks by obfuscating Cloudtrail logs

Expert Support

Our team of security experts provides ongoing support and guidance, helping you stay on top of the latest security trends and threats and ensuring that your AWS environment remains secure.

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