Penetration Testing For Every Cloud Environment

AWS cloud penetration testing

Amazon AWS

From hosted apps to the AWS console, detect and quarantine vulnerabilities across your AWS infrastructure.

Azure cloud penetration testing

Microsoft Azure

Identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance and enhance security posture of your Azure environment

Kubernetes cloud penetration testing


Zero in on and mitigate vulnerabilities in containers, clusters and code.

Google Cloud penetration testing

Google Cloud

Identify critical vulnerabilities and safeguard digital assets on your GCP environment

The SecureLayer7 Advantage

Find Every Vulnerability

SecureLayer7’s pentesting process goes beyond checklists and scanners, ensuring every undetected vulnerability is found and exposed.

Get Deep Insights

Get 360 degree visibility into the progress and results of your pentest with Bugdazz - our in-house pentesting platform.

Ensure Compliance

Root out every possible security threat in your application - SecureLayer7’s pentest process ensures you adhere to the latest compliance standards.

Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Proven methodology

Get comprehensive insights from a tried and tested hybrid testing process

Identify Cloud Weaknesses

Go beyond checklists and scanners to detect hidden vulnerabilities

Update Cloud Security

Update your defenses to stave off the latest cloud-based attacks

Test Cloud Defenses

Simulate every possible attack scenario to test your cloud's protective measures

Review Cloud Configuration

Identify gaps in your cloud's configuration.

Recognized World Over

Cert-In Certified Cybersecurity Company – SecureLayer7
Crest Certified Cybersecurity Company SecureLayer7
Cybercrime Magazine Recognized Cybersecurity Company – SecureLayer7
Gartner peer insight reviewed cybersecurity company – SecureLayer7
 GigaOm media recognition for SecureLayer7
SC Awards recognition for SecureLayer7
Markets and Markets recognition for SecureLayer7
IDC recognition for SecureLayer7
Forrester recognition for SecureLayer7
McKinsey and Company recognition for SecureLayer7
Download sample application penetration testing report

Sample Report

Download sample report

Cloud Penetration Test Checklist

Cloud Penetration Testing Checklist AWS Scoping, Mapping & Service Identification, Reconnaissance & Enumeration, Vulnerability Analysis, Vulnerability Identification, Post Exploitation, Strategic Mitigation, Patch Verification

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