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What Is A
Smart Contract?

A Smart Contract is originally a computer code that is built on top of blockchain. The smart contract is made up of a set of rules with the If-This-Then-That structure. Here when the involved parties meet the rules set, the smart contract is implicitly enforced without any manual intervention.

Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. The smart contracts, when once deployed onto the Ethereum platform, are immutable. The security of these contracts thus holds utmost importance.

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Smart Contract
Audit Process

Our Ethereum Smart Contract Audit has been designed after years of working with smart contracts. From initial review and analysis to final reporting, our team of smart contract experts are with you every step of the way, ensuring you have visibility throughout the audit.

Audit Review


The Ethereum Smart Contract Audit process at SecureLayer7 begins with a thorough review of the contract code, encompassing both the code itself and the background processes involved in its creation. This includes a discussion session with the contract developers to ensure a comprehensive review.

Audit Analysis


Based on the generated plan and the provided threat profile, the audit process starts with a hybrid approach. Initially, the contract undergoes static assessment using automated tools for a comprehensive smart contract audit. Subsequently, dynamic assessment occurs, involving manual attacks on each member listed in the threat profile, along with a review of specific vulnerabilities. The dynamic assessment starts at the component level and progresses upward, ultimately evaluating the entire program.

Audit Preparation


Following that, a threat profile of the contract is created, along with a review plan that will guide the audit process.

Audit Review


After completing the assessment, an extensive list of every vulnerability in the smart contract is provided in the final assessment report, along with the detailed remediation steps.

What Is An Ethereum
Smart Contract?

The SecureLayer7 team recognizes the stakes involved in blockchain and smart contracts. Therefore, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your Ethereum Smart Contract using both static and dynamic assessment methods. Our approach begins with unit testing and progressively extends to auditing the contract as a whole, incorporating automated tools for standard test environments, along with manual testing techniques. This double-tier security posture ensures a thorough and robust contract review.

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