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How Security can be added in Agile methodology to build highly secure application with more accurate, exhaustive and cost-effective code analysis?

Source code audit report

SAST, or Static Application Security Testing, otherwise called "white box testing" has been around for over 10 years. It enables the engineers to discover security vulnerabilities in the application source code prior to the product improvement life cycle.

Source code analysis is a top priority for enterprises as they are in constant threat from malicious attacks. It becomes crucial to review the internally developed as well as third party software before it is purchased, so that enterprises can identify and fix vulnerabilities before the applications are deployed.

SecureLayer7 source code analysis relies on a combination of extensive market research and predefined security principles to pinpoint the security bug in the source code. The predefined principles help enterprises to identify common programming flaws like anti-patterns, logic errors, memory leaks, workflow flaws, and so on. In addition to these, SecureLayer7 uses SAST automated tools to scan an application code for flaws which give us security vulnerabilities while the code is in a static/non-running state. This effective and comprehensive approach to Source Code Analysis helps developers to remediate issues in the early stage of SDLC.

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We have passion for securing Digital Businesses of our customers to make sure they are secure from critical vulnerabilities.

After using SL7 in a previous company, we contracted with them for Vulnerability Assessment for all of our various product lines, from consumer to enterprise. The results have been awesome

- Chief Security Architect in the Services Industry

It offers incomparable accuracy since it is reinforced by unproved scanning and advanced network host correlation technology. The organizations are confident that their remediation exertions are closely focused.

- Cyber Security Consultant in the Services Industry

SecureLayer7's team went deep down into the rabbit hole to understand the product and find an issue with a business logic rule that took engineering several weeks to analyze within the code.

- Security Officer in the Healthcare Industry

Secure Source Code Analysis METHODOLOGY

Secure Source Code


A pre-engagement meeting is scheduled to get more detailed understanding of the application source code and discuss the prerequisites to successfully perform pentest.

Analysis and verification

We perform SCST and DCST analysis in which a thorough analysis and verification of the code is performed in order to check for any vulnerable code.


An in-depth technical report is drafted based on the executed code audit test cases and analysis. It provides vulnerabilities details, mitigation steps, and proof of concepts.

Static Code Security Testing

In Static Code Analysis allows the security engineer to analyse code using scanners and tools to identify vulnerable code.

Dynamic Code Security Testing

In Dynamic Code Analysis the security expert to manually analysis the results of the tools and confirm the discoveries of code scanners results.


A re-assessment is carried out to verify if the identified vulnerabilities are successfully mitigated in the source code.

Benefits of Source Code Analysis with SecureLayer7

SecureLayer7’s Source Code Analysis ensures more accurate, precise and comprehensive security check to create secure applications.
More Accurate and comprehensive Code Audit
Our security consultant approaches the fundamental system, plan, and usage. The application code is reviewed from the back to front. Applying knowledge base from extensive research and predefined principles ensures systematic, planned and exhaustive security testing.
Early Detection and Remediation of Vulnerabilities
Since the vulnerabilities are discovered prior in the SDLC, it's simpler and quicker to fix them. SecureLayer7 gives a detailed report including list vulnerabilities and mitigations steps which help developers to fix security bugs before the QA Testing stage.
Support for Agile Development Environment
An increasing number of software companies are adopting the agile software development model. SecureLayer7 has become a security partner for many such companies, enabling them to focus on the software development and delivering secure application sprints within tight deadlines.
Exact Location of the Vulnerabilities
Enterprises which have large projects running simultaneously where dozens of vulnerabilities can be found in a single scan, it becomes hard to pinpoint the location of vulnerabilities and mitigate those. SecureLayer7 detailed source code analysis reports along with the list of vulnerabilities and mitigation steps also helps to pinpoint the location of vulnerability and remediate those.
Improved Secure Coding Ability
Enterprises who have partnered with SecureLayer7 have been helped with the reports, research documents, security guidelines, training sessions, newsletters to enhance the ability of their developers to write secure application codes. This results in saving time to make changes
Secure Software Development Life Cycle
Incorporating SecureLayer7 source code analysis into the SDLC stage helps enterprises to identify security checkpoints and create benchmarks for the business requirement to be fulfilled by the application. For every software build medium or high level security issue is located during the testing can be scheduled beforehand as per the company’s specific needs.

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Securelayer7 regularly uncovers Zero Day vulnerabilities within a wide range of applications amidst research. We cooperatively work alongside vendors to catch up with the issues and disclose the needed prudently.

Take a look at SecureLayer7's Security Vulnerability publications and know more about the vulnerability disclosures, advisories, and reports. It details the security gaps identified in the web application, thick client software and also firmware’s of large enterprises. The documentation also contains the mitigation fixes for the vulnerabilities, their description, moreover the proof of concepts and security exposure information from SecureLayer7.

Research Presented at Conferences

SecureLayer7 deliverables

SecureLayer7 Source Code Analysis focussed on the overall structure of the source code and the data processes & flows. Client reports follow the same philosophy and approach to prioritize useful deliverables in all client reports, including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Scope of the Work
  • Approach and Methodology
  • OWASP Top 10 Summary
  • Summary of Key Findings/ Identification of Vulnerability
  • Graphical Representation of Vulnerabilities
  • Summary of Recommendations
  • Application Detailed Findings
  • General Comments and Security Advice Conclusion
  • Conclusion

Advantages with SecureLayer7

Benefits of Source Code Analysis performed by SecureLayer7 include:
Deep Insights
Identifying every details to abuse or find attack surfaces in the application. Insight of the application can be used to find ciritcal vulnerabilities.
Identifying the vulnerability in the application. Prioritize high risk vulnerability and provide strategically plan to fix the vulnerability.
Get Compliant
After performing patch verification, show customers, stakeholders your commitment towards security, and protecting important assets.

Meet Our Security Experts

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Sr. Security Consultant
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Sr. Security Consultant
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Security Consultant
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Associate Security Consultant

About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is accredited with CERT-in and ISO 27001 certifications. CERT-in enables us to certify and perform security audits for Government agencies and BFSI customers. SecureLayer7 provides testing and reporting to support application security compliance against PCI, HIPAA, SOC type 1 and type 2, and other regulatory requirements. Customized scanning reporting templates that support internal standards and other regulatory requirements are covered by SecureLayer7.