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Wireless Network Security Assessment

Why Conduct A Wireless Security Assessment?

Wireless networks ease the connectivity within the organization and increase the flexibility of working for the employees. This also increases the security risk associated with the wireless network which serve as a potential attack surface.

Wireless security assessments help identify vulnerabilities and security risks in wireless networks. Our Security Consultants test for different vulnerabilities and perform different checklist to identify vulnerabilities in the wireless network.

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Our Wireless Security Assessment Checklist

  • Default Credentials
  • Eavesdropping on traffic and traffic capturing
  • Authentication and authorization vulnerabilties
  • Weak Protocols
  • Wireless Access Point Firmware Vulnerabilities
  • SSID Beaconing and Checking for Hidden and Fake Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Network Segregation
  • Misconfigurations
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Evil twin Attack

What Will Your Wireless Network Security Assessment Look Like?

At SecureLayer7, our Wireless Testing methodology consists of 3 steps. This also includes the strategy to penetrate the wireless network, and a blend of password compound and sniffing techniques to identify critical vulnerabilities in the network.


Our consultants begin by locating and mapping out hidden networks within the system. This makes it possible to establish more intelligence regarding the protocols that are put to use.


We begin simulating an attack on the wireless network, starting with the validation or de-authentication of the user. This enables us to further brute-force the password for access to the system and helps our testers to gauge how easy it is to access the cryptographic configuration of the wireless network.


In this step, we explore your network from the eyes of an attacker and experiment with vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses to gauge how easy it is to exploit targets on the network.

Fortify Your Wireless Network

Identify vulnerabilities

Our security consultants help you identify vulnerabilities in your network and provide recommendations for remediation.

Protect sensitive data

Ensure that sensitive data transmitted over your wireless network is encrypted and not easily intercepted

Compliance requirements

We help you setup your wireless network to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements by providing recommendations for remediation

Improve network performance

Improve the performance and reliability of your wireless network by identifying and addressing issues such as weak signals or interference

Stay ahead of emerging threats

We conduct regular wireless security assessments, helping you ensure that your network is up-to-date and protected against the latest threats

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