SAP Security

SAP handles organization's most sensitive data, which includes department of Accounting, Business Intelligence, Human Resources, Inventory, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Project Management, CRM, eCommerce.

Majority of the organizations have their business functions streamed with their SAP or other ERP systems. These systems have tremendous amount of data and thus, testing of SAP systems requires in depth knowledge and experience. Abuse of SAP can provide international competitors with years’ worth of valuable intellectual property or trade secrets virtually overnight, jeopardizing current and future market opportunities. SAP security can seriously damage an organization's reputation with customers, resulting in legal liability for the company, executives, and board members.

SAP Security Service

SAP security is a combination of three areas: Platform security, customization protection and segregation of duties. This includes black box vulnerability analysis, misconfigurations, checking against weak passwords and insecure connections.

We identify the most critical vulnerability in your SAP system and further gain access to connected systems and the data. Security assessment of the network, OS, DBMS, related to SAP is done. Whitebox security configuration checking is also carried out.

What Securelayer7 offers ?

SAP Vulnerability Assessment

SecureLayer7's SAP security engineers identify every SAP system within the network, enumerate installed services and check for vulnerabilities in the system.

SAP Penetration Testing

SAP Penetration testing is the most realistic way to proactively assess your organization's security posture. This activity performed as an external attacker perspective.

SAP Custom Source Code Audit

Assessment of source code has resulted in looking up vulnerabilities that are left open while development of the application.

SAP Network Security Assessment

SAP Network security assessment are analyzed to determine how well your organization's current network security methods measure up to industry best practices. Key components of your business-critical network are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

SAP Database Security Assessment

SAP database security assessment is designed to measure to measure whether industry best practices are upto mark and updated. Key components of your business-critical databases are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

SAP Server Assessment

SAP server assessment is designed to measure whether industry best practices are upto mark and updated. We ensure the production and test servers having tighten security.

SecureLayer7 accredited with certifications such as CERT-in and ISO 27001. CERT-in enables to certify the security audits for Government, the BFSI customers. SecureLayer7 provides testing and reporting to support application security compliance against PCI, HIPAA, SOC type 1 and type 2 and other regulatory requirements. SecureLayer7 can customise scanning reporting templates to support internal standards and other regulatory requirements.