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Malware Removal Service Plans

Imagine your website has been compromised by malware and this is hampering with your business. Wouldn't that be a nightmare for you? Even a slightest of the security breach can cause your website to malfunction and loss of reputation. An unprotected website is a major risk to an organization and its customers. Choose from the range of plans available by SecureLayer7.

Our Malware Removal Service Features

Javascript Malware Injections

JavaScript is a piece of software code which can manipulate and spread the malware into the system. Hence, most of the malware attackers inject an obscure malicious JavaScript which looks like a legit JavaScript to an unsuspecting webmasters. Our team of security engineers perform decoding operations to identify this obscure code and help you to detect obfuscated malicious JavaScript code.

Malicious Website Redirections

A particularly clever malware attack technique is to insert redirection scripts in your system. These scripts are then used to redirect your website users to blocked websites. We use multiple methods to scan, detect and remove such redirection malware.

Hidden and Malicious Iframes

An iFrame is a malicious code that infects your web pages and then your website. It is capable of affecting your themes or templates of the content management system. Securelayer7 Security Engineers take care of that by specifically targeting and verifying the authority of iFrame codes in your system.

Backdoors and Webshells

A backdoor attack is a malware which will negate the regular authentication procedure in order to gain access into a system. Once the backdoor is installed, it is very difficult to weed out. A web shell, on the other hand, is a script which can be uploaded to a web server to enable the machine's remote administration. At SecureLayer7, we have developed expertise in detecting and cautiously removing malicious web-shells and backdoors.

Web Mailer Script

Web Mailer scripts are spamming malware. They are inserted by the attacker into your emailing system, effectively using your system to send spam emails, leading to the blacklisting of your site by search engines and your hosts addresses. Web Mailer Script detection and removal is one of our specialty.

Pharmaceutical Injections

Pharma hack on a website is carried out by a technique called Black Hat SEO. This attack will force your website to rank lower than before or your website might get blacklisted. Our security engineers have multiple methods to detect and remove the pharma malwares.

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Frequently asked questions

We define a website parameter as a website with a name and unique IP address. We scan for the total number of pages and directories hosted in your website and clean them all as part of a single website parameter.
Although we strive to carefully scan and clean your site, it may get re-infected by numerous factors, such as password weakness. In any case, we will re-clean the website for you if its re-infected within 15 days of cleanup.
Time required depends on upon the number of webpages and files hosted on the website. Then we submit your website to Google and other search engines to un-blacklist them. After that, it takes another 24 - 48 hours for Google to review your site, after which your site is in the clear state.
Yes. We have an team of expert security consultants and engineers who perform the malware cleanup, for your website to ensure all the malwares and infections from the website domain under scope are removed.

Steps Followed In Malware Removal Service

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Website Malware Detection and Cleanup

Malware is malicious software created by people who aims to steal confidential information or data, hijack a computer system for their own benefits, or merely disrupt a computer system.

At Securelayer7, we ensure detection and removal of all types of malware by using multiple detection methods and updating our techniques daily.

Our Malware Removal quick response security team is experienced in all malware detection and removal on all common application languages and CMS, including JSP, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Web Frameworks for Python, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. We also clean all common web frameworks, including Symfony, Django, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, and Zend Framework.

Malware and Security Issues We Detected

  • Dirty Search Engine Results
  • Hidden & Malicious iFrames
  • Mobile Malware Infections
  • Phishing Lures
  • Hijacked Websites
  • Obfuscated JavaScript Injections
  • Redirects Targeting Mobile Devices
  • Drive-by-Download Injections
  • Pharma Hacks
  • Desktop AntiVirus Blacklisting
  • Infected Database / SQL Injections
  • Website Defacements
  • Embedded Trojans
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Infections
  • Search Engine Blacklisting
  • Email Spam Abuse
  • Known Website Hacks
  • Security Issues and Anomalies
  • Blacklist Warnings
  • Downtime
  • SSL Certificate Changes
  • DNS Record Changes
  • Core File Integrity
  • Blackhat SEO Spam Injections
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