Product Manager

At SecureLayer7 we are working on the cybersecurity product and we are looking for product manager to create, manager and sustain exception customer experiences and deliver the required features in the products. Product manager will be performing end to end strategies, developing plans, and leading delivery.

What you’ll be doing

We are leading startup company and SecureLayer7 focused on the products. Therefore, this is highly visible role that requires working closely with the Designers, Sr. Product Architect, Chief Technology Officer of SecureLayer7. Following are the key responsibility of the product manager at SecureLayer7.

  1. Define the vision, goals, and measures of success for the products and services you manage.
  2. Creating the roadmap of the product and working with developers to achieve the feature release dates.
  3. Define the direction, scope, and priority of projects, from high level initiatives to specific features, user stories, and business metrics.
  4. Identifying the improvements in the product and working continuously with engineers to achieve the product key differentiator features.
  5. Prepare the datasheets, user manuals and product integration documents which build by the team.
  6. Identifying trends and assess future market opportunities.
  7. Establishing clear understanding of competitors.
  8. Understanding the requirements of compelling product strategy and roadmap.
  9. Determining Optimal packaging and pricing of your products.
  10. Understanding best practices for product launch.
  11. Communicating with customer frequently for feedback and details.
  12. Demonstrating the ownership in the all communications.
  13. Knowledge of tiered application architectures, web applications, APIs, mobile applications, and the underlying technology of cloud infrastructure.


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