Telecom Network Security Service

SecureLayer7 provides a comprehensive solutions for Telecom Network Security. Telecom network security can be compromised by a multitude of new threats. Our assignments are based on thorough assessment and report submission with detailed bugs review and ratings according to standards.

Since SecureLayer7 was founded in 2012 since then we have gained experience of working on various Networks, web applications, mobile applications, different online applications, and various tools. We closely monitor the cyber threats from last few years. We know what cyber attacks are out there and commonly which attack can be used against any particular organization like yours. Our methods developed after years of experience in security testing, which translates into finely tuned penetration testing.

What Securelayer7 offers ?

Network element Configuration review

Network element configuration review is designed to cover all the configuration review of core network element which includes user agent level configuration such as frequency of user level authentication, type of encryption allowed. reconfigured network element could impact on availability of service. Some of common configuration mistakes are type of authentication, encryption allowed on network. Frequency of generating ciphering key, frequency of checking IMEI, frequency of performing authentication of user.

SIM application Security testing

SIM application security testing service covers testing application residing on SIM card. It includes testing application weakness in custom test network. SIM card allow sim java applets to be stored on them and these applets are used by cell phone to provide VAS services to customer. But some time services such as mobile wallet could allow unauthorized usage by malicious user.

IP-PBX and PSTN Security Consulting

IP-PBX and PSTN Security Consulting includes testing configuration flaws in VoIP networks and PSTN networks which includes IP-PBX, user-agents, modems, TDM switches.

GSM/3G core Network Security

GSM/3G core network is responsible for providing services such as calls, VAS and SMS. Vulnerability assessment of core network will cover all core network elements as well as the architecture audit. Core network elements includes HLR/AuC, SGSN, GGSN, MSS, MSC, EIR, Voucher Server, RAN, SMSC, We look for Misconfigured VLAN allowing subscribers to reach core network via GPRS/3G IP network and Misconfigured firewall.

Air Interface penetration testing

Air Interface penetration testing service covers the air interface of GSM/3G. It also covers checking the list of vulnerability and configuration weakness. Configuration weakness in core network could allow illegal use of services in GSM/3G.

LTE Architecture audit

LTE Architecture audit covers LTE architecture audit. It includes identification of major network element and verifying complete architecture from security point of view.

Minimum Baseline Security Standard (MBSS)

MBSS covers helping operators to implements minimum baseline security standard which will help them in hardening network elements such as NodeB, E-NodeB, and HLR/AuC, SMSC, IP-PBX, etc.

SS7 and SIGTRAN Security consulting

SS7 and SIGTRAN Security consulting includes SS7 security penetration testing and audit covering interconnection with operators, configuration audits, SS7 & SIGTRAN network audits.