How BugDazz Simplifies API Security ?

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Automate the vulnerability discovery process, allowing you to prioritize API security. Let us guide you through it.

In-depth Investigation

Uncover deep vulnerabilities, enabling a thorough understanding of API risks

Validation and Assurance

Validate and assure API security measures with comprehensive evidence helps prioritize vulnerability fixes.

Bring visibility to the entire team

Accelerate product roll outs with a scanner that meets the needs of every SLDC stakeholder



Maximize app security coverage and find every potential security loophole in your client's infrastructure


Product teams

Accelerate software development with scanning that becomes part of your CI/CD pipeline



Lead organizational cyberresilience with complete visiblity into every API vulnerability

Comprehensive API
security testing

You’re gonna love BugDazz-API Security Scanner

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The platform that takes API Security management out of your hands.
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API Discovery And Posture Management

Discover all your APIs, including Shadow APIs, Rogue APIs, Zombie APIs, and deprecated endpoints—so you can improve control of your attack surface and reduce risk.

Differentiate assets in your portfolio, such as public-facing vs. internal or new vs. old—so you can tailor your security program to focus on critical needs and optimize your security efforts / spend.

Get alerts when new APIs pop up or when existing APIs change—so you can minimize API drift and prioritize scrutiny (e.g., pen testing or bug bounty programs)

Understand sensitive data usage, including PII, financial & health data, credentials and more—so you can ensure compliance with applicable regulations / standards and reduce risk of improper exposure.

Recognized World Over

Cert-In Certified Cybersecurity Company – SecureLayer7
Crest Certified Cybersecurity Company SecureLayer7
Cybercrime Magazine Recognized Cybersecurity Company – SecureLayer7
Gartner peer insight reviewed cybersecurity company – SecureLayer7
 GigaOm media recognition for SecureLayer7
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