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SecureLayer7 helps you to manage and secure any application environment through reliable Application Security Testing services that match your business requirements.

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For a comprehensive Application Security Testing of any web application, network application or mobile application system

Application Security Testing Service

Application Security Testing Service is how SecureLayer7 engineers detect the presence in your website of any of the hundreds of website vulnerabilities that have been identified by the digital security industry over the years. Application Security Testing, in contrast, is how we aggressively test for both known and previously unknown weaknesses in your website’s architecture exactly like an expert hacker would do.

Our Application Security tests are also highly client focused. In every assignment, we not only conduct thorough assessments and testing but also submit detailed reports of bugs reviews and ratings according to international standards.

Since SecureLayer7 was founded in 2012 since then we have gained experience of working on various web applications, mobile applications, different online applications, and various tools. We closely monitor the cyber threats from last few years. We know what cyber attacks are out there and commonly which attack can be used against any particular organization like yours. Our methods developed after years of experience in security testing, which translates into finely tuned Application Security testing.

SecureLayer7's Skill Speciality

The SecureLayer7 comprehensive VAPT is not restricted to any one website-Apps language. Our team of experienced engineers include specialist in Application Security Testing and vulnerable testing.

Application Security Testing Java Technology
  • JSP
  • JBoss
  • J2EE
  • Tomcat
  • WebSphere
  • Struts
Application Security Testing .NET Technology
  • C#
  • ActiveX
  • IIS
  • ADO
  • ASP
Application Security Testing Linux Technology
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Frameworks
  • PHP
Application Security Testing service oriented architecture Technology
  • SOAP
  • Middleware

Choose the Test to Match Your Needs

The SecureLayer7 Application Security tests are scaled to meet the needs of your business. For a sophisticated eCommerce website, you can choose the comprehensive, all components VAPT. For other niche websites, you can choose only the critical testing components that perfectly match your business needs from our array of test options.


Internal Application Security testing mainly for internal applications penetration testing, securelayer7 engineers can perform onsite Application Security testing, to determine the vulnerabilities in internal applications, internal systems and internal corporate networks.


The SecureLayer7 Black Box Security Testing assumes no prior knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested. This unique approach enables our engineers to test your system from the perspective of an external attacker with zero knowledge of your systems applications or infrastructure. Our Black Box testing regime is therefore exceptionally able to identify weaknesses in any of your services that are accessible online or within a network, including standard web services and in-house application security services


Our External Application Security testing focuses on system vulnerabilities that can be exploited externally through applications that can be accessed through the internet. External threats are the most common website security infringements, particularly for elements that process or store customer information and data. The SecureLayer7 innovative application security testing takes care of external hacker and malware threats by conducting security audits of all possible application security weak points, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems bypasses.


The SecureLayer7 White Box Testing starts from a point of complete knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested, often including network diagrams, source code, and IP addressing information. Our experienced engineers then use their knowledge of the various elements of the infrastructure to identify the known weak points before conducting a comprehensive audit to identify all other vulnerabilities.

Grey Box Testing

A Grey Box test is a blend of Black Box testing and White Box testing techniques. This multifaceted test results in a comprehensive yet highly focused test that cuts down on testing time-frame and budget.

SecureLayer7 Application Security Testing Strategy

Client Business Analysis

The central objective of any SecureLayer7 Application Security test is to fulfill the exact needs of our customers. The first stage in any testing is therefore to understand the business functions of our client’s systems and incorporate those needs in our testing plan. This process helps us to identify the main potential threat surfaces of the client’s applications and customize the Application Security test accordingly.

Vulnerability Detection

Once we have your applications main potential threat surfaces, our security engineers start the actual Application Security testing. The testing detects and tracks all the security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Expert Manual Application Security Testing

We do not rely on automated Application Security testing. As the critical bugs review reports reach our development team, all security threats are checked and verified manually by our team of experienced engineers.

Keeping Clients in the Loop

We keep our clients in the loop all the way. While performing Application Security testing, we ensure proper synchronization of our team’s work with the client’s IT department.

Detailed Security Reports

After the completion of testing, a detailed threat assessment report is created and shared with the client. The report includes vulnerability impact assessment and threat mitigation recommendations.

Jargon Free Client Communication

We communicate clearly to webmasters and business managers alike. All our system threat reports and recommendations are both specific and descriptive, saving the IT department the trouble of explaining the situation to top management.

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World-Class Testing Methodologies

1. Scoping
2. Reconnaissance and Enumeration
3. Application Scanning
4. Vulnerability Analysis
5. Mapping and Service Identification
6. Application Analysis
7. Testing for Business Logic
8. Service Exploitation
9. Privilege Escalation
10. Pivoting
11. Remediation Planning
12. Detailed, Actionable Reporting

SecureLayer7 Service and Deliverables

Our Application Security Services Include:

Identification of vulnerabilities, definition of attack scenarios and automated detection coupled with manual analysis and detailed evaluation of countermeasures and improvements.

Sample Application Security Test Report

SecureLayer7 website security solutions focus on the overall structure of your information and data management system. Client reports follow the same philosophy and approach to prioritize useful deliverables in all client reports, including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Details
  • Detailed List of Countermeasures
  • Appendices

Application Security Testing