Mobile Application Security.

Google activating 1.5 million Android devices, Apple and other Mobile companies are in the same race. Mobile Application Security is the need of the hour !!t Perform a Mobile Application Penetration testing, get a vulnerability report and prevent security breaches.

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Mobile Application Security Assessment

Either your organization is a developer, or a business consumer, there is no denying to the fact that mobile applications are one of the greatest source of exploitation to today. Are you confident that your mobile application is secure from these attackers? Use the Mobile Application Security Assessment service at SecureLayer7 now and get confident, get protected.

Mobile Applications suffer from known to unknown vulnerabilities, very similar when compared with web applications and desktop applications. These vulnerabilities can be tracked down and identified by our Mobile Application Penetration testing technique, which detects any kind of flaw & vulnerabilities in the Mobile Applications and Infrastructure.

What Securelayer7 offers ?

The SecureLayer7 mobile application security scheme is designed to suit the best of client’s needs. The assessment procedure tests the local app as well as the third party and enterprise web services that handle the backend. The app is tested statically as well as dynamically. Automated testing is accompanied with manual review. SecureLayer7 looks at the app on the whole and not just the bunch of code placed on your server or the application running on the device, thus ensuring complete information about vulnerabilities and complete security against the attacks and attackers.

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Supported Platforms


1. Scoping
2. Reconnaissance andEnumeration
3. Application Scanning
4. Vulnerability Analysis
5. Mapping and Service Identification
6. Application Analysis
7. Testing for Business Logic
8. Service Exploitation
9. Privilege Escalation
10. Pivoting
11. Remediation Planning
12. Detailed, Actionable Reporting

SecureLayer7 Service and Deliverables

Our Security Services Include:

The identification of vulnerabilities in your system along with the knowledge of major areas of exploitation is critical. But what is more important is to be able to convey to you all this information in a clear and concise way. We at SecureLayer7 strive hard to be able to do this. Every assessment service completion of ours is followed by a delivery of an electronic assessment report deliverable. This report will include all the information about the security controls assessed as well as an analysis of the areas that need to be looked into for achieving the required amount of security.

VAPT Report

The report is systematically designed into two parts: the high level management report suitable for the understanding of management personnel, and an in-depth technical document for the technical staff to understand the underlying risks along with recommendations and preventive countermeasures. Following is detailed content list of the document:

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose of the engagement
  • List of identified security controls
  • Classification of vulnerability based on risk level and ease of exploitation
  • How to reduce risk in environment with immediate effect
  • Recommendations to prevent the recurring of vulnerability
  • Each vulnerability described in detail
  • In detail description of the procedure followed for the exploitation process
  • Proof of Concept in the form of Videos and Images
  • Explanation of how to reduce the gravity of the vulnerability
  • Appendices

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