About the Webinar

The tech market boomed in later 1990s and is growing at a pace as we speak. With growing time and scale it has become difficult to measure and control each and every aspect of how the employees make use of and access information or data they are in charge of. Earlier the people were not restricted or monitored on how they handled the data because mostly the professional work would require them to be in office premises or in direct contact with the machines. As we have moved into an ever growing internet-friendly era, the concept of work from home has given the ease of access and remote location jobs have become a reality. These were considered a risky trade with the security policies but gradually were covered up with various security measures.

Here lies the problem statement for managing the security for remote workers or employees. Often the malicious acts or due to some 3rd party attacks employees would be compromised.


Key Takeaways

  • The comparison between the age-old and new ways of doing business
  • Technical challenges and problems faced due to the lack of Zero-Trust
  • The need for Zero-Trust as of today
  • The architecture of Zero-Trust
  • The implementation of Zero-Trust Technology
  • The policies, feasibility and result of Zero Trust

Who can attend?

This webinar is designed for security professionals, network administrators, CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. Both technology management professionals and mid-level IT professionals will gain insights on Zero-Trust Technology

About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is a cybersecurity solution provider with the vision of securing digital businesses using our world-class security expert team. Our experts uncover the security issues in a different area of digital businesses with cost-effective and quality-controlled services.

SecureLayer7 is CERT-in accredited cybersecurity company and certified security consultants, we consult business of all size across the United States of America, Europe, UK, Middle-east, and East Asia in both public and private companies. Unlike most cybersecurity firms, SecureLayer7 combines the best in-house developed automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.

Speakers profile

Mr. Hridyesh
Security Consultant

Expertise in various domains like Network, Web and Mobile, API, Thick client Security.

As the technology is growing, the need to security too is at its peak. As a professional Security Consultant at Securelayer7 and also as a technology enthusiast, it is my job to suggest you to keep a track of your exploitable vulnerabilities and removing risks thereby maintaining a safe environment I specialize in Network, Mobile, API and Thick Client security pentesting. Initially I started off from Advanced Security Operations (ASOC) implementation and later moved into Vulnerability Assessment and Compliance management.

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