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Web applications offer comfort to organizations and clients the same, assisting associations with reducing down on expenses and permitting clients to maintain a strategic distance from complex establishments and upgrades. The simple entry or access additionally makes them a well known objective for digital assailants. Consequently, web application security testing is crucial to chop down digital or cyber threats.

Manual web application penetration testing can be both tedious and costly. Computerizing or automated web application security testing can help lessen human mistakes and furthermore decrease the cost factor. The pace or speed of remediation and execution is significant for web application security. In case you're not exploiting the capacity to automate the parts of your security checking strategy, you are at a genuine danger of leaving your web applications insecure.

Key Takeaways

  • Mass Test Scope:
  • Penetration testing manually can't in any way, shape or form cover all the experiments because of time requirements, and it isn't effectively versatile. Moreover, you're likewise at the danger of restricting the infiltration test to a specific number of weaknesses known to the penetration analyzer.A mechanized or automated web application security testing instrument can check all boundaries and parameters against a wide range of web application security variations and investigate numerous various payloads for a solitary test.

  • Fidelity in Test Results
  • Work that is monotonous, slaughter profitability, which thusly may deliver copied endeavors and serious vulnerabilities of web applications can go unnoticed. Nowadays organizations have numerous web applications and manual testing them can influence the exactness of the results of the tests.People, not at all like a web application security testing apparatus, may neglect to filter an information boundary or execute various varieties of a particular assault.

  • Security Tests scheduling
  • Web application security testing instruments are amazing at discovering the vulnerabilities systematically and rapidly. Planning or scheduling security tests make your cycle more productive. This permits you to zero in on quickening remediation and fixing imperfections cost-proficiently.

About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is a cybersecurity solution provider with the vision of securing digital businesses using our world-class security expert team. Our experts uncover the security issues in a different area of digital businesses with cost-effective and quality-controlled services.

SecureLayer7 is CERT-in accredited cybersecurity company and certified security consultants, we consult business of all size across the United States of America, Europe, UK, Middle-east, and East Asia in both public and private companies. Unlike most cybersecurity firms, SecureLayer7 combines the best in-house developed automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.


Speakers profile

Mr. Satyam Gothi
Security Consultant

Expert in Network, Web and Mobile, API Security Pentesting and Automation

Satyam Gothi is a driven Security Consultant. By helping the clients to secure their systems, Satyam has quite the talent that he puts to use. Being a part of SecureLayer7's family, he shares his expertise in elevating the company to newer goals. He also specializes in Network, Mobile, API and Thick Client security pentesting and has developed experience and expertices in the pentest domain.

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