About the Webinar

Penetration Testing has turned out to be one of the preferred approaches to fight cybersecurity risks. With an unexpected boom in cyber breaches taking the vicinity throughout the globe, security-concerned institutions are looking for approaches to stabilize their database withinside the maximum green manner possible. Thus, the call for the specialists in Penetration Testing has grown exponentially and is displaying no symptoms of slowing down.

Penetration Testing is an excellent way to assess and address several security vulnerabilities of a company’s IT environment. This has opened a world of opportunities and given rise to numerous pen-testing companies in the IT landscape. The question is, are the vendor choices that are being made, appropriate?

This webinar is a guide for choosing the appropriate and ultimate vendors of 2020 for Penetration Testing.

Key Takeaways

Different parameters to evaluate for selecting a vendor:

  • Skill sets, experience and expertise
  • Followed methodology, security standards and frameworks for pentest
  • Operations strategy
  • The deliverables
  • Post engagement support

Who can attend?

This webinar is designed for security professionals, network administrators, CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. Both technology management professionals and mid-level IT professionals will gain more insights on choosing the appropriate vendors for performing Penetration Testing for their organizations.

About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is a cybersecurity solution provider with the vision of securing digital businesses using our world-class security expert team. Our experts uncover the security issues in a different area of digital businesses with cost-effective and quality-controlled services.

SecureLayer7 is CERT-in accredited cybersecurity company and certified security consultants, we consult business of all size across the United States of America, Europe, UK, Middle-east, and East Asia in both public and private companies. Unlike most cybersecurity firms, SecureLayer7 combines the best in-house developed automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.

Sandeep Kamble

Speakers profile

Mr. Sandeep Kamble
Founder and CTO, SecureLayer7

Sandeep is a cybersecurity professional with 9+ years of experience bringing together the best security experts to simplify the complicated cybersecurity problem. As a Founder and CTO of SecureLayer7, from the beginning of 2013, Sandeep built its vision, strategy, and direction. As a bootstrapped startup, Sandeep has worked towards building a stable and reliable cybersecurity firm with remarkable growth.

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