About the Webinar

In this webinar, the focus will be on Secure Coding practices which will help organizations to secure the Web Applications against cyber attacks. It will help to understand the root causes of Security Vulnerabilities found in the application that allows one to work and improve those areas. It will be a walk through the Top Vulnerabilities identified and how they can be mitigated. You will also become aware of the vulnerabilities that can exist in the environment and how best Practices help to identify most of the security issues hidden in the Source Code through a comprehensive methodology that we follow during our security code review.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the security issues hidden in the main source code.
  • Importance of Security Code Review
  • Methodology applied to uncover hidden security bugs
  • SecureLayer7's Best Recommendations to secure Web Applications

About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is a cybersecurity solution provider with the vision of securing digital businesses using our world-class security expert team. Our experts uncover the security issues in a different area of digital businesses with cost-effective and quality-controlled services.

SecureLayer7 is CERT-in accredited cybersecurity company and certified security consultants, we consult business of all size across the United States of America, Europe, UK, Middle-east, and East Asia in both public and private companies. Unlike most cybersecurity firms, SecureLayer7 combines the best in-house developed automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.

Speakers profile

Mr. Rajasekar A
Senior Security Consultant and Cybersecurity Expert

Expertise in various domains like Network, Web and Mobile, API, Thick client Security, Source code audit.

An experienced Consultant who loves to break into Applications and Networks to demonstrate the security flaws within. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to learn and explore new technologies and help the clients to secure their environment from the cyber criminals. He has a vast experience in Network, Web and Mobile, API, Thick Client, Source code audit and other areas.