VoIP Penetration Testing

The cybercriminal attacks on the publicly available critical infrastructure of the organization, such as VoIP telephone systems. The attacker performs the man-in-the-middle attack between the inbound and outbound connection of the telephone. Using such attacks, the attacker can listen in incoming or outgoing calls. The cybercriminals gain access to the internal VoIP network if network devices are vulnerable to weak password or using vulnerabilities.

SecureLayer7 assess the VoIP network penetration testing for identifying the VoIP network vulnerabilities after determining the scope of work and a detailed report prepared, which is including vulnerabilities details with the recommendation.

VoIP Penetration Testing Methodology

Application Scoping
Mapping and Service Identification
Reconnaissance and Enumeration
Application Scanning
Vulnerability Identification
Post Exploitation
Strategic Mitigation
Patch Verification
A holistic approach to perform penetration testwith security checklists based on industry standards, including OWASP Top Ten, PCI Compliance, and NIST 800-53.

SecureLayer7 accredited with certifications such as CERT-in and ISO 27001. CERT-in enables to certify the security audits for Government, the BFSI customers. SecureLayer7 provides testing and reporting to support application security compliance against PCI, HIPAA, SOC type 1 and type 2 and other regulatory requirements. SecureLayer7 can customise scanning reporting templates to support internal standards and other regulatory requirements.

VoIP Pentest Vulnerability Test Cases