Source Code Audit Review Service

Is your application’s source code secure? Or has it become another source of attack? Source Code Audit/Review is an effective method of discovering undiscovered bugs, security breaches and vulnerabilities in the source code which are otherwise overlooked in the black and grey box testing methodologies and which have the potential of compromising the security of the application.

Our innovative methodology to audit source code for an application provides a comprehensive framework to identify the flaws and security issues inside the working source code of the application. In our source code audit methodology we don't rely only upon the automated tools for the source code audits. We do automated as well as manual source code review to cover all the problematic areas of the source code. "We at SecureLayer7 ensure the thorough auditing and reviewing of the source code of the application according to the defined standard".

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Attack Surfaces

Identifying the attack surfaces for sources of input. Determination of whether the existing security mechanisms are in place or not. After identification of the attack surfaces, we need to analyze the qualitative aspect according to the specific programming behavior which includes user-supplied input assumptions, un-sanitized user supplied inputs, checking of function return values, variable initialization check and performing check for jump or function pointers use of user-supplied data, needs to be investigated.

The check for annotations can be done with the help of qualitative analysis of the source code. In using formal method for auditing we need to check for the precise functioning of the program objective and verify and validate the output according to its implementation based on mathematical logic . For verifying the correctness of the syntax being used i.e. non formal method we need to define various parameters manually as well as input based for automated tools.