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SecureLayer7's Telecom Cyber Security Services

SecureLayer7's comprehensive Telecom Network Security services are the result of over a decade of experience, designed to empower businesses with thorough assessments and detailed reports that live up to the most stringent industry standards

Network Element Configuration Review

Ensure comprehensive coverage of core network configurations. From user authentication frequency to encryption types, we identify and address potential mistakes that may impact service availability, such as authentication and encryption settings and key generation frequencies.

SIM Application Security Testing

Our SIM Application Security Testing service evaluates applications residing on SIM cards, identifying weaknesses through custom test networks. SIM cards store SIM Java applets used for VAS services, but vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized usage, including mobile wallet misuse.

IP-PBX AND PSTN Security Consulting

IP-PBX and PSTN Security Consulting service conducts thorough testing of configuration flaws in VoIP and PSTN networks. This includes examining IP-PBX systems, user-agents, modems, and TDM switches to ensure robust security measures are in place.

GSM/3G Core Network Security

The GSM/3G Core Network Vulnerability Assessment involves a thorough evaluation of core network elements, such as HLR/AuC, SGSN, GGSN, MSS, MSC, EIR, Voucher Server, RAN, and SMSC. The assessment includes architecture audits and identifies potential vulnerabilities, including misconfigured VLANs and firewalls that could enable unauthorized access to the core network via GPRS/3G IP networks.

AIR Interface Penetration Testing

The Air Interface Penetration Testing service comprehensively examines the air interface of GSM/3G networks. It includes thorough checks for vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses that may facilitate unauthorized usage of services within the GSM/3G core network.

LTE Architecture Audit

The LTE Architecture Audit entails a comprehensive assessment of the LTE architecture. This involves identifying key network elements and thoroughly verifying the entire architecture from a security perspective.

Minimum Baseline Security Standard (MBSS)

MBSS (Minimum Baseline Security Standard) assists operators in implementing robust security measures to harden network elements, including NodeB, E-NodeB, HLR/AuC, SMSC, IP-PBX, and more. It ensures adherence to essential security standards for enhanced network protection.

SS7 AND SIGTRAN Security Consulting

The SS7 and SIGTRAN Security Consulting service provides comprehensive security assessments and audits for SS7 networks. This includes SS7 security penetration testing, configuration audits, and audits of interconnections with operators. Our expertise extends to conducting thorough SS7 and SIGTRAN network audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure robust security measures are in place.

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