How to solve your critical IoT security challenges at the convergence of digital and physical with real-world expertise?

While using the IoT to the maximum benefit, organisations fail to realise that they are connecting “things”, many of which were never designed with security in mind because their purpose did not need it. IoT provides ease of connectivity, thus providing different attack surfaces to hackers within the system. At times, the network finds it difficult to identify all the devices that are connected in the IoT system, and the devices that are communicating, thus giving easy access to the system. With the increase in the endpoints within this system, there is an exponential increase in the amount of confidential data flowing within the system. This is reason enough to realise the value of this information and the necessity for the security of an IoT infrastructure.

SecureLayer7’s comprehensive IoT Security Service lets you focus on building your product your way and takes care of the security of the complete IoT ecosystem in a holistic way. From design to lifecycle management, from superficial automated testing to in-depth manual assessments, and from endpoints to networks to the cloud, we have you covered. What makes us different is our approach in which the customer’s pressures are kept in mind, and delivering our services such that the time of delivery is not at all hampered.


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We have passion for securing Digital Businesses of our customers to make sure they are secure from critical vulnerabilities.

After using SL7 in a previous company, we contracted with them for Vulnerability Assessment for all of our various product lines, from consumer to enterprise. The results have been awesome

- Chief Security Architect in the Services Industry

It offers incomparable accuracy since it is reinforced by unproved scanning and advanced network host correlation technology. The organizations are confident that their remediation exertions are closely focused.

- Cyber Security Consultant in the Services Industry

SecureLayer7's team went deep down into the rabbit hole to understand the product and find an issue with a business logic rule that took engineering several weeks to analyze within the code.

- Security Officer in the Healthcare Industry

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IoT Penetration Testing Approach and Methodology

Surface Mapping

Device Surface Mapping is a method where the attack surfaces are enumerated. SecureLayer7 further aims on focusing on the possible attack areas which are vulnerable for the attacker.

Hardware Penetration Testing

Hardware Pen Testing is inclusive of a variety of hardware components that re within the targeted IoT devices. Enumeration of the internal ports like UART, SPI, I2C etc.

Firmware Penetration Testing

A firmware could be said to be a yet another name for the OS of an IoT device. SecureLayer7's team looks for binary file exploitations of the firmware in the pentest.

Web, API and Cloud Application Penetration Testing

In Application Penetration Testing, SecureLayer7's team test the Web portal and Mobile Applications API of the device.

Radio Communications analyzing

This involves analyzing various radio communication protocols like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), MQTT, COAP, ZigBee, 6LowPan etc.


This involves analyzing various radio communication protocols like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), MQTT, COAP, ZigBee, 6LowPan etc.

SecureLayer7 accredited with certifications such as CERT-in and ISO 27001. CERT-in enables to certify the security audits for Government, the BFSI customers. SecureLayer7 provides testing and reporting to support application security compliance against PCI, HIPAA, SOC type 1 and type 2 and other regulatory requirements. SecureLayer7 can customise scanning reporting templates to support internal standards and other regulatory requirements.

SecureLayer7 Service and Deliverables


Vulnerability identification in your system along with the knowledge of major areas of exploitation is critical. However what is more important is to convey all this information in a simple and concise way. This report includes all the information of the security controls assessed in the scope as well as an analysis of the areas that need to be checked for achieving the required amount of security.

The report is systematically designed into two parts: The high level management report suitable for the understanding of management personnel, and an in-depth technical document for the technical staff to understand the underlying security risks along with recommendations and preventive countermeasures. Download the sample IoT vulnerability assessment and penetration testing report and datasheet using following links.

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Sr. Security Consultant
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Sr. Security Consultant
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About Securelayer7

SecureLayer7 is accredited with CERT-in and ISO 27001 certifications. CERT-in enables us to certify and perform security audits for Government agencies and BFSI customers. SecureLayer7 provides testing and reporting to support application security compliance against PCI, HIPAA, SOC type 1 and type 2, and other regulatory requirements. Customized scanning reporting templates that support internal standards and other regulatory requirements are covered by SecureLayer7.