Firewall Rule Set Review

Firewall review service provides a thorough and deep examination of your firewall configuration with the objective of finding weak rule set that could leave your network vulnerable to a security breach.

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Firewalls evolve over time and procuring a regular rule-set review provides you with the peace of mind that your firewall is continuing to operate as intended.

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Firewall Rules Set Review


We all rely on firewalls as the core of the defense system for our network. But is your firewall fit for the purpose? Is it delivering optimum performance? Is it correctly configured? Let’s review this with Firewall Rule-Set Review.

Firewall forms the perimeter of the system’s network defense mechanism. Being the boundary makes it the most reliable defense and hence increases the need of a timely “health checkup”.

Securing the Security of the Secure Firewall

The Firewall Rules-Set Review at SecureLayer7 takes an insider view at the system with full access to the system’s configuration with the aim of providing the optimum review result thus attaining maximum security at the perimeter itself. SecureLayer7 deeply analyses the firewall’s entire configuration as per industry best practices, including guidelines from PCI-DSS and Center for Internet Security.

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Firewall Rules-Set Review Strategy

The SecureLayer7 Firewall Rules-Set Review service follows a very strong methodology which performs a deep analysis of the firewall configuration.

The review process takes into account the following:

  • Check for availability of vulnerability or bugs in the current hardware and software release
  • A complete review of all the hardware devices associated
  • Review of accounts set up on the firewall and the operating system
  • Check for possible hardware or software malfunction in the firewall and OS logs
  • Review the comments for all the rules in the ruleset for proper justification
  • Check for vulnerabilities in the encryption and hashing process
  • Verify if the rules provide the least possible privileges
  • Review the vendors licensing
  • Review the firewall for the enabled services
  • Review overall firewall configuration and rule sets deployed on the firewall
  • Recommendations related to improvement in security provided by the firewall and in the overall device configuration

Service and Deliverables

Firewall Rule-set Review Deliverables

The identification of vulnerabilities in your system along with the knowledge of major areas of exploitation is critical. But what is more important is to be able to convey to you all this information in a clear and concise way. We at SecureLayer7 strive hard to be able to do this. Every assessment service completion of ours is followed by a delivery of an electronic assessment report deliverable. This report will include all the information about the security controls assessed as well as an analysis of the areas that need to be looked into for achieving the required amount of security.

The report is systematically designed into two parts: the high level management report suitable for the understanding of management personnel, and an in-depth technical document for the technical staff to understand the underlying risks along with recommendations and preventive counter measures. Following is detailed content list of the document:

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose of the engagement
  • List of identified security controls
  • Classification of vulnerability based on risk level and ease of exploitation
  • How to reduce risk in environment with immediate effect
  • Recommendations to prevent the recurring of vulnerability
  • Each vulnerability described in detail
  • In detail description of the procedure followed for the exploitation process
  • Proof of Concept in the form of Videos and Images
  • Explanation of how to reduce the gravity of the vulnerability
  • Appendices
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