Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment service helps organizations evaluate if they have been compromised by hackers and advanced attack groups and we also look for the if attackers are currently active in organizations environment.

Almost every week we hear a tale of yet another company getting attacked. In fact, 60% of organizations admit that they’ve been breached within the last two years - Reports says

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SecureLayer7 Compromise Assessment

SecureLayer7, has long been on the front lines of helping organizations prepare for and respond to security breaches. The Compromise Assessment has helped organizations identify and address issues that, in some cases, had existed for years and resulted in the theft of valuable intellectual property.

This unique approach enables our engineers to test your system from the perspective of an external attacker with partial knowledge of your systems applications or infrastructure. Our greybox penetration testing are also highly client focused. In every assignment, we not only conduct thorough assessments and testing but also submit detailed reports of vulnerabilities and ratings according to international standards.

Why SecureLayer7

SecureLayer7's compromise assessment, identified targetted intrusions in the organizations within highly challenging environments and in situations where attackers had gone undetected for months.

Our Approach

We perform numerous firewall reviews for hundreds of clients. Our expertise has led us to follow a detailed methodology.

SecureLayer7 has developed a methodology for firewall rule reviews designed to identify security vulnerabilities of incorrect firewall configuration.

  • Deploy network, endpoint, Log Inspection Technology
  • Deploying network, endpoint, log inspector techology to understand the suspicious activity in the oraganization

  • Gathering Intelligence for Orgazation
  • We gather information from suspected places from internet and collect the intelligence for the organization. The intelligence contain the information regarding the attack.

  • Assess Organization Environment
  • By assessing enviroment we start collecting evidence for the attack.
  • Analyze Evidence
  • Our consultants perform analyses as well as malware and log analyses to conduct the assessment. This confirm the finding reflects malicious activity or to determine the finding is a false positive.

  • Summarize Findings
  • At the conclusion of the Compromise Assessment, SecureLayer7 provides a detailed report that summarizes the steps taken during the assessment, the major findings and recommendations for next steps—if appropriate

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