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Security Consultant

Full Time

We are looking to assemble a small elite team. We are calling Engineers and Researchers to join our security consulting team. Here at SecureLayer7, we have to be from excellent source of your education, we care about your abilities. We are looking for the following skills:


Job Responsibility

Consultant will be responsible technical security assessment including source code review, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of application, network, and mobile application as well as security research is required for all organization.

The consultant ensure that networks, applications and products are secure from the all type of cyber attacks, which we at Securelayer7 promise to our customers.


  • Pune, MH, India.

The role

The consultant will be involves on-site and remote engagements activities. The role of the consultant will be providing security testing, consulting client, providing security support and bundling all activities results in report. In additional consultant will be responsible to providing the training to the customer. The consultant have to be prepare for travel to the on-site.

Key Skills Set

  • Perform web, mobile application, code review and network security assessments
  • Writing proof of concept code to demonstrate the impact of vulnerability
  • Write technical reports that include suggested resolution for identified vulnerabilities
  • Explain and demonstrate vulnerabilities to application/system owners, and assist with the mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities
  • Perform security reviews of application designs, source code and deployments as required, covering all types of applications (web application, web services, mobile applications, thick client applications)
  • Manage project time-lines, deadlines and expectations
  • Research and stay abreast of new/emerging threats, attack vectors and vulnerabilities and disseminate this information within the group as well as the organization

Desirable skills

  • Strong web application penetration testing experience is a requirement
  • Experience in vulnerability identification and remediation is a requirement
  • Knowledge of the software development lifecycle in a large enterprise environment
  • Solid network penetration testing experience is a plus
  • Programming background (C++, Perl, Python, Shell ) for tool and exploit development
  • Technical knowledge in network security products, cryptographic suites and network/application firewalls is a plus
  • Experience in evasion techniques to bypass firewalls, and intrusion detection, is a plus
  • WebServices technologies like XML, SOAP, MEAN framework and AJAX
  • Networking tools, such as Nessus, nmap, and Retina netcat
  • Threat Modeling of a application
  • Training of client staff
  • Requirements analysis and design
  • Professional certifications (OSCP, CREST, TIGER, CHECK etc.)

To be considered for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to


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You’ll be treated to a larger-than-usual work desk, most comfortable office chair, in our open-concept office.
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